Criminal Defense

Our commitment in the area of Criminal Immigration Defense Law is to provide the best competent, aggressive and diligent legal representation when faced with a criminal matter.

Through our extensive experience we have seen first hand the serious and harsh reality of the severe immigration consequences criminal convictions have on non-USA citizens. Certain criminal convictions can trigger deportation, immigration holds, future mandatory detention and disqualification from eligibility for future immigration benefits and relief in removal/deportation proceedings. Many times these irreversible consequences could have been avoided prior to the disposition of the criminal case. For this reason, we have dedicated much time and effort into creating a customized and unique service specifically for criminal defense attorneys in an effort to assist them in preventing life long immigration consequences for their clients.

The Constitution provides many protections that apply to the field of criminal defense. Defense attorneys know how to use these constitutional protections to the advantage of their clients.

If you have been accused of any crime and you are not a citizen of the USA, you need to obtain competent legal representation in order to protect your rights both in the criminal case and potential immigration proceeding. Please call our office today for an appointment.

Our office can help you with the following services:

Customized Evaluation for Criminal Defense

  • Case evaluation of State and Federal criminal cases for possible immigration consequences
  • Post-conviction relief evaluation for continued collateral consequences in Immigration Court

Both State and Federal Criminal Offenses

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors